THE TEC CONFERENCE MANUAL the end-product of many years of research, study, feedback, and prayer. Many of its various components were to a large degree written by Fr. James Brown OAR, who compiled and edited it.  Fr. Jim is pictured below at the very left as he presented the manual to the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II in 1998 along with co-founders Fr. Matthew Fedewa & Dorothy Gereke and the TEC Episcopal Moderator, Archbishop Roger Schweitz, OMI of Anchorage.


The manual is faithful to the original core message, theology and methodology of TEC, and its use is strongly encouraged at all TEC centers. Fr. Jim is said to have read every book published pertaining to the Paschal Mystery, the essence of TEC, and he integrated that understanding with the best available principles of youth and young adult ministry. Truly the manual is the blueprint for establishing an adult faith community (Pre-TEC), the TEC weekend experience itself, and an effective follow-up (Post-TEC).

TEC is understandably protective of its long-standing and well-deserved reputation in the Church, and accordingly permits the use of its copyrighted Manual and name only by those trained and licensed in its use. One can readily understand that a program that calls itself TEC but is not faithful to the Official TEC Manual can compromise the TEC name and therefore will not be permitted.

Those who have participated in a  Renewing the Vision (RTV) of TEC or Communities of Faith and Follow-Through workshop are eligible to purchase the TEC Manual and be licensed in its use.