The Gereke Grant is named for one of the co-founders of the TEC movement. Dorothy Gereke was instrumental in supporting the spiritual and practical needs of the first TEC community in the diocese of Lansing, Michigan. In an effort to honor Dorothy and to provide for the spiritual and practical needs of TEC communities, the TEC Conference invites regular donors to come forward to fund this worthwhile subsidy for deserving TEC communities.

Grant Applications

Leaders from TEC communities which are affiliated with the TEC Conference may submit an application for a Gereke Grant anytime before September 15, 2018. Selections will be made in November, with the committee awarding at least one $1,000 grant to deserving applicants. Grant funds may not be distributed to individuals.


Gereke Grants are intended to benefit and strengthen affiliated TEC communities. A strong grant application demonstrates with specificity how funds will be used to benefit and strengthen that TEC community. Appropriate uses include, but are not limited to leadership formation, TEC manual study, conference-sponsored workshops, community gatherings, local TEC promotions or the purchase of needed resources. Applications must be complete and received at the TEC Conference before September 15, 2018. Grant monies must be used for the project described in the application and may not be redirected toward any other purpose.

 Application & Other Details