• A seven-minute, 39 second video filmed during a TEC weekend in the Archdiocese of Omaha, Neb. The film serves as either a conversation starter with youth, or an educational piece to someone who wants to know what happens on a TEC weekend. The video features personal interviews given by both lay and religious team leaders and candidates.
  • COST:$5.00 per tape


  • TEC Co-Founders Fr. Matthew Fedewa and Dorothy Gereke share the faith-filled history of the Movement during this 25-minute multimedia presentation. As the people who lived the story, Fr. Matt and Dorothy give a personal and powerful witness of the 40+ years of TEC, which began in Battle Creek, Mich. and has now spread to dioceses throughout North America and Europe. The film also features commentary from Fr. James Brown, OAR, an Augustinian priest who just celebrated his 60th jubilee, a past advisor to the TEC Conference,  and editor of the Official TEC Manual. 
  • COST for VHS:$10.00

TEC: Past, Present & Future

  • This DVD contains 4 segments: Founder's Video (25 min.), Recruitment Video (8 min.), Past, Present, Future of TEC (18 min.), and Past, Present, Future of TEC (8 min. abbreviated presentation).
  • COST: $15.00


  • Set of 7 DVDs - Live Presentations from the 2007 Spiritual Directors Workshop
    • The TEC Spiritual Director (set of two) - featuring spiritual directors as disciples; their roles in the TEC Movement and forming the TEC faith community; the team model approach; and Q&A sessions
    • Paschal Mystery Spirituality - in Christ, the Church and as a personal disciple; presenting this spirituality to youth and young adults)
    • Spiritual Processes of TEC (set of two)  - components of the Movement; prayer services; and flow and sequence of the three days of TEC
    • TEC & Youth & Young Adult Ministry (set of two) - TEC as an evangelizing and ministering community; School of Disciples; and TEC follow-through

2007 Spiritual Directors Workshop DVD Order Form


  • Set of 4 DVDs - Live Presentations from the 2007 TEC Congress, “Mary: Our Guide to Perfect Discipleship”
    • Retreat Experience - centered on Mary life, prayer & discipleship
    • Forming the TEC Adult Faith Community & Community of Disciples
    • TEC: Building Partnerships in the Larger Church

2007 TEC Congress DVD Order Form

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