Welcome to the "Best Practices" page.  The term refers to the many different good ideas submitted by many different TEC Communities. They have been assembled, compiled, edited and presented here so that they might enrich the TEC experience not only on the weekend itself, but before and after as well.  They are for the benefit of those TEC Centers that are affiliated with the TEC Conference and are in good standing with us.  They are therefore password protected.  If you have not been furnished the username and password, please contact the TEC Conference using the "Contact Us" link at the left.  Do NOT use the bestpractices@tecconference.org address except to upload your submissions.

The Best Practices will ultimately include team meeting schedules, menus, recruiting tips, follow-up ideas, icebreakers, form letters, sample applications, decorating ideas, Hoot agendas, tips on how to critique meditations, and much, much more.  If your TEC community has something of general interest that should be included here, please send it, preferably in editable form to bestpractices@tecconference.org

Feel free to download, copy, and use the posted material.  It is not permissible to share the ideas with non-affiliated centers. 

Note:  No password is necessary to view and download the TEC and Technology document.  Click HERE to view it.


Forms and Letters

An editable photographic release form from Rocky Mountain TEC

An editable observer form letter

An editable letter to be sent to parents of candidates/participants

An editable particip
ant acceptance form letter

Formats, Schedules and Agendas

New Orleans Monthly Gathering Format
Advertising Strategies for Prospective TECers/TECites

Flier and Format of a Day of Reflection (River of Life TEC)

Pathways TEC's Team Meeting Agenda

Sample Team Meeting Structure

TEC Weekend Happenings

A 2-minute portion of Acted Stations of the Cross

Format for Rise Day Evening Discussions

Outline for Rise Day Evening Discussion Facilitator

Guidelined for Choosing Directors

Summary of a Growth & Ideals Meditation Presented by a YA

Role-Playing Tips for Table Reources

Guidelines for Table Resources

Support Documents and Position Papers

Document Linking Scripture Passages to Stations of the Cross

Document Dealing with Normal Stages of Growth in Small Groups

A Document Dealing with Stages of Group Development

A Cyclic Model of Conversion

New Orleans' Team Recruiting Strategy

Scope and Sequence Document

Click HERE to access Ron Reiter's index of support materials to supplement the Manual in the areas of meditations, liturgies, and para-liturgies

Committee Descriptions - Next Generation TEC


New Orleans' Silver Anniversary Celebration

New Orleans' Silver Anniversary Mass Program

Belleville Light of Christ Award