2009 TEC CONGRESS: "A Plentiful Harvest in Christ"

July 24-26, 2009

TEC Family members gathered outside of the Cathedral of St. Mary in Peoria, Ill.

“When I think of ‘A Plentiful Harvest’, I think of God’s abundant grace in my life. I think of the gifts and talents that God has placed within and invites me to use them in proclaiming the ‘Good News.’ Too often our human instincts cause us to look at life from the prospective of scarcity when in reality God is always calling us to live life to the full. As we grow in our Christian journey, we often find out that those who operate in God’s economy experience life from a perspective of ‘Plenty.’ What a gift! What a joy! Embracing the Paschal Mystery story in your own life enables you to experience the ‘Kingdom of God’ in this life. So as you make plans to join us in Peoria this summer, it is with great confidence that we can say that your harvest will be ‘Plenty.’” - Deacon Bob Sondag, Vice Chancellor Catholic Diocese of Peoria

Witness talks based on this year's theme “A Plentiful Harvest in Christ.” Matt. 9:37, were given by Sr. Jacque Schroeder, OSF, Fr. Matthew Fedewa and Brian and Brett Mathiowetz during this three-day event.

2009 Heritage Award Winners

Joanne Brown, Jerry Langworthy and Fr. Ray Otto, OSB, Posthumous

Joanne Brown, Jerry Langworthy


Family members accept the Heritage award for Fr. Ray Otto, OSB

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