TEC Ambassador Program - TAP

By:  Mike Needleman, Sunflower TEC/TAP Coordinator

Recently I have been asked to clarify thoughts regarding The TEC Ambassador Program –TAP, so that others may feel comfortable knowing what TAP is and what TAP does. In order to be as succinct as possible, let me first mention what TAP is not.

TAP is not its own “movement.” TEC is recognized as a “movement” of Catholic spirituality which leads toward the development of a community of faith and follow-through. TAP does not have nor does it develop its own community, but invites others to become part of the community of TEC.

TAP is not a “retreat” program. TEC is an ongoing retreat program which provides an environment that an encounter with Christ may take place in the hearts and minds of those whom attend. TEC Ambassadors evangelize TEC and recruit others to come and experience Christ at a TEC Retreat.

TAP is not its own entity nor does it solicit participation outside of the TEC Community. TAP is not its own movement, nor a weekend retreat, but a “program” designed to provide members of the TEC Community the tools necessary to evangelize the TEC experience to others. TAP ensures an ongoing effort in the recruitment of NEW candidates to TEC.

Today I had a conversation with two young people from the Sunflower TEC Community. Joseph has not yet attended TAP (although he intends to soon) and Abe has been an Ambassador for TEC for the past six months. I asked them to answer this question, “What do you think TAP is?”

Joseph told me that he believed that attending a TAP weekend would help him learn how to talk to others about TEC; something he wants to share with his peers. Abe noted that “it’s a place to renew and reconnect with TEC” and also become confident in talking about TEC to new candidates.

It’s people like Joseph and Abe and many others now who have become TEC Ambassadors that Sunflower TEC continues to grow. Remember, its all about TEC!

For further information on TAP and how this program may benefit your TEC Center, please contact Billy O'Regan at the TEC office.

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