The Divine Word Missionaries proclaim, “His Mission is Our Mission!” As an international,
multicultural group of over 6000 missionary brothers and priests working in more than 70
countries around the world, the Divine Word Missionaries minister “first and foremost where the
Gospel has not yet been preached at all or only insufficiently, and where the local church is
not yet viable on its own.” (SVD Constitution)



Fr. Al Ortner, SVD celebrates the Eucharist with
the Aetas People in Sapang-Wak, Philippines.



For more information contact:

Mr. Len Uhal

National Vocation Director

Divine Word Missionaries

PO Box 380

Epworth, IA 52045 

Phone: 800-553-3321

e-mail: svdvocations@dwci.edu
Web site: www.svdvocations.org
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