Who we are...
We, Glenmary Sisters, or more formally, the Home Mission Sisters of America, Inc., were founded in 1941 by Father William Howard Bishop in Glendale, near Cincinnati, Ohio. We relocated our central office and administrative residence to the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1991. As an apostolic religious community of diocesan right, we serve the Church in mission areas of the United States, particularly the rural south and Appalachiawhere the Catholic population is less than 2%.

What we do…
Our charism is to implant the church in those areas where it is not yet present in its fullness. Called and sent to gather the church community, we minister to all God’s people, regardless of their race, creed, or life style. We encourage all people to live strong moral lives and gospel values. We work through sharing frequently the word of God in our humble and untiring labor for conversions, in our compassionate outreach to the poor and forgotten of this land, and in our ministry to nurture the faith of the local Roman Catholic Community.

We Glenmary Sisters are called by a loving God to live and share the Gospel of Jesus... as Catholic missionaries...with all peoples in the southern rural and small towns of the United States.


   Home mission area in rural Missouri.
Sr. Darlene and volunteers stocking donations in their food bank; tutoring a young woman in preparation for her GED testing.


Youth on a mission.
Visiting youth group helping the needy in a rural Eastern Kentucky community. Because of this small addition, a 5-yr old cancer patient was able to come home to his family.


Glenmary Sisters

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