Planned Giving

A will provides an opportunity to share a portion of one's estate to support this important ministry of the Church. Heirs rarely resent a reasonable portion of an estate being designated for charitable purposes.  Ask your attorney to include TEC in your will.

Placing an asset in A Charitable Remainder Trust provides tax deductions during the donor's lifetime without affecting income from the asset.  Check with your tax advisor to see if this might be a benefit for you.

Naming TEC Conference as the beneficiary of a Retirement Account or Life Insurance policy is a wonderful gift and can have income and estate tax benefits.


The TEC Conference staff, in partnership with many volunteers, facilitates the TEC process throughout the world. Careful budgeting by our Leadership Council and staff helps us be good stewards of your gifts. Your financial support has a direct impact on the Conference’s ability to nurture and spread this ministry.Your stewardship of God’s gifts helps build the Church through TEC by integrating young persons into the larger faith community.

Annual Giving

Each year we ask past donors to contribute. We also seek new donors to continue the mission of the TEC Conference. HELP TEC CONTINUE TO REACH YOUNG PEOPLE.Your gift of the following will help the TEC Conference to:

  • $10,000 - Provide one month’s operating expenses for the TEC Conference.
  • $7,500 - Prepare and send a training team to Nicaragua and secure an interpreter.
  • $5,000 - Deepen TEC’s presence in the Church on the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • $3,000 - To sponsor a team and related training expenses for holding a Spiritual Directors leadership training workshop.
  • $2,500 - Develop and host new workshops.
  • $1,500 - To sponsor a team and related training expenses for holding a Communities of Faith & Follow-Though leadership training workshop.
  • $1,200 - To sponsor a team and related training expenses for holding a Renewing the Vision of TEC leadership training workshop.
  • $500 - Defray printing and mailing expenses for one issue of the TEC Communicator newsletter.
  • $100 - Enable Catholic young people to attend national youth ministry and TEC events.
  • $50 - Host an exhibit at national youth/young adult conferences; enabling TEC to continue to build partnerships with other related ministries.

For more information on how you can help, please contact:

TEC Conference
1007 Airline Park Blvd
Metairie LA 10007
Phone: (504) 227-3233

Fax: (504)836-0552

Supporting TEC in this manner is an investment in the mission of Jesus. It gives you a guaranteed income for the rest of your life and then supports the work of the Church when you are gone.