Future dates and locations to be determined.

Goals of the Spiritual Directors Workshops:

  • To promote a deeper understanding of the theological process of the TEC Movement through Scripture, Mass, doctrine and witness.
  • To explore the various roles of the TEC spiritual director including:
    • discernment and formation of TEC teams.
    • liaison to the bishop and other clergy within the diocese.
    • mentor and spiritual leader for both adults and young people.
  • To network and share ideas with other spiritual directors. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Bishops, priests, religious and deacons
  • Appropriately trained individuals serving as their TEC community's spiritual director

The Spiritual Director...must be a friend, mentor, and spiritual guide to the TEC community, both with the adults and the youth...and one who lives very close to God" ~ TEC Conference Manual (ref. Section IV, page 3)

2007 Spiritual Directors Workshop Series (DVD)


Photos from the June 2010 Spiritual Directors Workshop

Pictured below are the team and participants of the 2010 workshop held at LaSalle Retreat Center in Wildwood, Mo. Priests, religious, deacons and lay leaders united in prayer and partnership, June 21-24. Team included Fr. Matthew Fedewa, Sr. Jacque Schroeder, Sr. Joy Connealy, Dcn. Bob Sondag, Dennis Kurtz and Ronald Reiter.

Pictured above from left to right: Ronald Reiter, Gary Przygoda, Sr. Jacque Schroeder, Dennis Kurtz, Dcn. Bob Sondag, Dorothy Gereke, Dcn. Dennis McDermott, Rev. Jason Gries, Rev. Matthew Fedewa, Rev. Dave Timmerman, Rev. Jimmy Adams, Sr. Joy Connealy, Jim Rice, Sr. M. Loyola Miller, Lynne Brown, Stacy Niedbalski and Rev. Lou Anderson. Not pictured: Mary O'Brien

Rev. Matt Fedewa, Rev. Jason Gries and Dorothy Gereke

Rev. Jason Gries, Jim Rice, Dcn. Bob Sondag, Dorothy Gereke and 
Dcn. Dennis McDermott take part in a round-table discussion.

 Group celebrating the Covenant Rite.

 Group listening to a talk by Dennis Kurtz.

Kristy Nebhan-Warren, Dorothy Gereke and Rev. Matthew Fedewa.
Kristy is writing a book focusing on movements in the church and  spent time interviewing Dorothy and Fr. Matt about TEC.