May 1-2, 2009
Faith, S.D.
Team Formation Workshop

St. Joseph’s church in Faith, S.D., was host to the TEC Conference’s first-ever Team Formation Workshop. Participants gathered to gain insight on the role the team and community plays in preparing for a TEC weekend. The central spirituality of the TEC weekend, Paschal Mystery spirituality, was also reinforced. 

Front row: Katelin Phillips, Lynn Hahne, Sr. Jacque Schroeder, OSF, Penny Wolf,
Tina Niggemann, Cathy Smith and Gloria Maher. Back row: Fr. Kevin Achbach,
Dcn. Larry Brown, Fr. Mark McCormick, Jerry Langworthy and Cory Fisher.
Not pictured: Fr. Kerry Prendiville and Ron Reiter


Sr. Jacque Schroeder, OSF - Diocesan TEC Spiritual Director for the Diocese of Peoria, Ill.
and team member for the Team Formation Workshop. Sr. Jacque is giving a presentation on
the flow of the three days of the TEC weekend (Die, Rise, Go)


Penny Wolf, TEC Conference Region 7 Coordinator and team member for the Team
Formation Workshop. Penny is giving a presentation on the importance of team formation.



Dates and locations of future workshops to be determined.

Please click here to download the 2009 workshop brochure

Team Formation is a workshop which will provide participants with an:

  • Awareness of the components that make up team formation.
  • Understanding the role the TEC community plays in supporting a TEC weekend.
  • Opportunity to dialogue about team selection and its overall importance to a TEC weekend.
  • Experience of community, a key element in team formation.

Goals of the Team Formation Workshop:

  • Reinforce the central spirituality of the weekend, Paschal Mystery Spirituality.
  • Strengthen team preparation.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of the TEC community in giving weekends.
  • To assist in unifying and preparing a team in giving a TEC weekend.
  • To improve in discerning the gifts of members of the TEC community for the good of all.

Who Should Attend:

  • Spiritual Directors of local TEC centers.
  • Those in leadership positions such as board and core team members, those who serve as directors of TEC, and people of faith who have sustained the movement in the local area.
  • Diocesan and parish staff working with youth/young adult ministry, religious education, etc., clergy and religious.
  • People who seek a deeper understanding of the formation process to prepare teams for the weekend, an understanding of the spiritual processes of TEC and the theoretical and pastoral insights to effectively mentor youth and young adults who seek to encounter Christ.
  • People who possess a solid and balanced Catholic spirituality patterened on the Vatican II Council faith vision.